Getting into the groove

Got thinking this week about goals and limitations and the relationship between those two concepts.

Fitness goals came up during a discussion with my trainer Lindsay Forget at Pacific Centre for Sport Excellence.  I already knew my initial goal is to return to the weight and fitness level I attained before going on insulin in the fall of 2010.

In September 2010, I ran a 10k in Nanaimo in 68 minutes — well off my lifetime personal best of 59 minutes and change at the Times Colonist 10k a couple decades ago. I also want to lose the 30 pounds that insulin helped find its way onto my body over the last couple years.

Sounded good, saying my goals out loud. It’s more of a commitment when you push those good intentions out of your brain and let the words come out your mouth and circle back into your ears.

I wasn’t ready to put those goals down on paper but that didn’t matter — Lindsay was writing everything down.

And then I mentioned that my doctor wanted me to lose more than that…he wants me to go down to 130 to minimize my blood sugar issues.

I let 130 hang in the air, expecting her to laugh and say what I thought — 130 was implausible, impossible, ridiculous. But Lindsay didn’t bat an eye. And it dawned on me that if I could lose 30 pounds, there was nothing stopping me from losing 50, except the limitations I carry around like an emotional security blanket.

The last time I lost 30 pounds was in 2006 or 2007, and I had a goal of 140. I made it to 138, and actually liked my body. That’s just eight pounds off 130.  So it can be done — I’ve proven that.

If Lindsay is confident I can get to 130 and stay there, why am I doubtful?

It seems like such a huge undertaking. Other people lose 100, even 200 pounds, but they’re amazing.

I’m overwhelmed  at losing 50 pounds — so I’ll break it down into smaller chunks. I’ve already lost a few pounds just a week into the challenge, so something is working. Even the workouts are enjoyable, although they would be easier without  a broken arm.

I had to pause yesterday on my favorite mountain hike to catch my breath. I do know if I keep at it, I’ll soon be hiking without having to take rests.

The key to success each day is to get up and show up. Persistence and patience will get me to my goals.

I have no limits.





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